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Cedar Construction is a family owned business that was started by Pat Eivers Sr. in 1960. The company quickly developed a reputation for quality and dependability doing private contract jobs as well as being a preferred subcontractor with major retailers such as Sears, Home Depot, IKEA, and most recently Lowe's.

The everyday functions of the business have been passed on to Pat's two sons, Michael and Patrick Jr., Cedar's design and construction experts, as well as Pat's daughter-in-law, Shari, who manages every aspect of the business short of swinging a hammer.

Michael Eivers worked with his father as an apprentice for many years and took on full contracting responsibilities after graduating from college with a degree in Business / Economics. Michael has over 35 years experience with carpentry, plumbing, and electrical remodeling.

Patrick Eivers also worked as an apprentice with both his father and brother while at the same time earning his college degree in Business. Patrick is an experienced contractor with over 30 years in the business doing carpentry, plumbing, and electrical remodeling.

Shari Bardash-Eivers married into the Eivers family after completing her undergraduate work in Communications and earning an MBA in Marketing & Statistics.  In 1998, she became an integral part of Cedar Construction and assumed all management responsibilities including customer relations, vendor communication, scheduling, licenses & insurance, accounts receivables/payables, and contract negotiations.

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